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Weight Loss - Laparoscopic Surgery

2017/08/10 0 comments melek WEIGHT LOSS

Obesity is defined as a medical condition where excess body fat has accumulated to a point where it poses a risk to the person’s health. one of the treatment of it is Liposuction. laparoscopic surgery in Iran has long-term and long lasting weight loss result. Obesity can limit a patients activity and mobility and has a negative effect on their lifestyle.

IRAN provides a wide range of weight loss treatment and also surgeries for a long-term and long lasting weight loss result such as medication assisted weight loss procedures, Bariatric surgery, Lap Banding, Sleeve Gastrostomy, Gastric and Bypass surgery. With guaranteed results, you will go through a quick procedure and see dramatic results. Obesity and weight loss treatment and surgeries are generally only an option for people who are more than 30 kg until 200 kg overweight.

Most doctors and physicians will first suggest a wide variety of treatments such as behavior modification, dieting, and exercise. Sometimes a doctor will prescribe medications. When these fail, surgery is an option for those who have not responded to such treatments and who are severely obese.


These procedures can significantly reduce obesity-related medical complications, such as heart disease and diabetes. IRANS’s hospitals offering full healthcare services, provide you with a very stable weight loss with a very low return result of eight regain and very affordable prices compared to procedures with the same standard in quality in other parts of the world.


The most common types of  weight loss Surgery:

1- Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon or intragastric balloon leaves an inflated silicon balloon in the stomach for 6 months, making less room for food and helping a person to feel less hungry, so that they may consume smaller portions of food and experience similar satisfaction to what they would have previously experienced after consuming a larger meal. It is designed to assist with weight loss in people who ideally have 10 kg to 30 kg of weight to lose.